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      I have a hachter gas boiler furnace which is about 40 years old.It is still in good shape I had a heating mans chech it out. My question Where do I keep the control for the furnace.During the summer I turned it back to about 100 deg. now I forget where I am suppose to set it. I set it back in the summer so it dont get hot in the basement and it even moved some warm water throught the radiators. Where is the pressur gauage and water temp suppose to be set at? Help

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      Harold Kestenholz

      The high limit control was usually set at 190 to 200F. A circulator (reverse-acting control), if there was one was set at 110-120F. The pressure in the system was about 12-15 psig. The old boiler is working well, but they were about 55% efficient, so installing a new one would make a great saving in fuel. It is simpler to turn the power to the boiler off during the summer.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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