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        I have a Thermar DV100 tankless water heater that was built and purchased in 1983.It has given many years of trouble-free service with one exception,the pilot filter.For those of you who don’t know,this is a small brass fitting installed in the gas line or “pilot tube” a few inches below the pilot flame.The filter is about
        3/8″ in diameter and a little less than 3/8″ long.One end of the filter is solid except for an incredibly small hole that allows gas to pass through on its way to the pilot flame.Many times this hole has become blocked with dust,etc. and I have been able to service it to a normal condition.However few days ago it failed so I cleaned and replaced it but now the pilot flame is not strong enough to contact the thermocouple.I think over time the propane gas has eroded this small hole in the filter making it larger thus spreading the pilot wider diminishing it’s overall length.My problem…where do I go to find another pilot filter?Thermar was apparently taken over by Myson several years ago and although they still manufacture pretty much the same water heater I cannot find this filter.I have found a company in FL which displays a parts list on their webpage but says the pilot filter is no longer available.I’ve exhausted the web for info and this is my last hope.It amazes me that this tiny little part can render this appliance totally useless.I sure would appreciate any info or advice.Thanks

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        Avatar photoHarold Kestenholz

          You are describing a pilot orifice. Replacement with an orifice not specified by the manufacturer is a risk. Your instantaneous has lasted three times longer than many, perhaps it is time for a change.

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          Avatar photofourth year

            If the pilot burner and holder are generic, then you may be able to replace the entire pilot assembly. If you do, be sure to specify that it is for LP gas so you get the correct orifice.
            The flame gets smaller because the opening has gotten smaller, not larger. If the opening had become enlarged, the pilot would be burning so large that you might not need the main burner to heat the water.

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            Avatar photoGuest

              If there is a tube that runs between the “filter” and the flame holder then clean it too. I assume that if you’ve removed the pilot orifice than you’ve removed the tube too. You should have both house and appliance gas pressures checked. It also might be wise to put the old dear to rest and have a current model installed since you may be doing that sometime soon anyway. (It’s past due). Best to do this when it’s convenient rather than wait till it decides itself, which will be at the least convenient time. Murphy’s law number 49.

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