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      William Gray

      I am looking for information about converting an older gas space heater to run on propane. I understand that the gas jet holes are not the right size. Is is possible to braze the jet holes shut and redrill? If so what size holes are needed? Is there anything else that needs to be changed? Please respond with any information you may have. I really want to make this work. Thank You.

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      Frank Hiebert

      Hi David, this is sure a very tempting question for me to answere. I know exactly how this is done, but guess what? Despite the temptation I’m not gonna tell ya. Why not? Well have you ever heard the saying that a little knowledge can make you dangerous? This would be a prime example of that, and with the possibly of very dire consequences. This should be left to a qualified lisenced gasfitter. I am confident that others on this board, more qualified and knowledgable than I will concur with my opinion on this. Better to burn a little cash than kill your family. Have a safe holiday David.

      Frank Hiebert
      3rd yr apprentice
      Edmonton, Alberta

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      Harold Kestenholz

      You would want to know ir the heater was ever designed to run on propane. If the manufacturer is still in business, that is a good sign, but the unit may not run well after such a change. Call the manufacturer to see if they have a conversion kit with the proper orifi and gas valves. If not, don’t do it for the reasons Frank states. If they do, then a qualified repairman could do the job, but you could do better installing a new one as replacement parts cost nearly as much as a new heater. When will the unit wear out the heat exchanger and why do you want a less efficient old unit built to old safety standards- to save the cost of a dinner?

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      fourth year

      Changing propane to natural gas is safer than changing NG to propane. Propane devices have to have the highest level of safety devices, while an older space heater could have less than a 100% safety shutoff. In addition, Propane needs a higher pressure than natural gas controls are set for. Since a bad, or marginal, conversion could cause you to wind up as the featured item in the 6 o’clock news, we would not recommend that you even try to make the conversion.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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