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      I recently had someone installed a new gas heater to replace the old 1930-1950’s(forgot the year) gas heater. Now the new heater is very efficient in giving off heat, but the amount of banging noise it’s creating when on is incredible. If you sit close to a radiator, you can feel the floor is shaking(just a bit). This is making alot of people in my house not able to get enough sleep. Any ideas, guys? Thanks for the help in advance.

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      Harold Kestenholz

      New gas boilers are 100% more efficient than the ancient boilers and heat up much faster. The quick boiling can cast water up into the mains creating banging waves of water. Reducing the firing rate to make it heat more slowly is not an option, so something must be done to separate the moisture from the steam being driven from the boiler.

      Check the Flash pictures in the Steam Tips section of

      to see if your piping looks like the ‘better’ piping example. If the piping looks more like the ‘bad’ example, you may have found a cause that would need correction.

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