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      why does the water in the toilet tank run all the time, after it is flashed, i pick up the bulb and it will stop but as soon as i put it down the water comes in and runs.

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      You either need to repair the ballcock (with bulb) or replace it. Depending on the brand of the toilet you may be able to replace it with a fluidmaster ballcock available everywhere but some toilets require that you use the original ballcock. I have most of the common toilet parts breakdowns on our web site that may be of help.

      Good luck

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      Why not have a real plumber look at it instead of guessing. The running water could be a defective douglas valve OR a corroded over fow tube or a refill tube set to low Or a bad disc (american standard) flapper Or a bad tank bulb or flapper.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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