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      I’m having problems with my waterheater staying lit. I replaced the thermalcouple about two weeks ago and that seemed to fix the problem. I am now experiencing the same problem of the pilot not staying lit after I relight it. Should I replace the thermalcouple again or is something else causing this problem. Thanks to all who reply.

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      You need to check your pilot flame to see if it has a sharp blue flame hitting the tip of the thermocouple, if not, you will need to clean the pilot orifice.

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      Make sure you’ve got the thermocouple screwed in to the gas valve pretty securely

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      well it may or may not be the thermocouple below is just some of what it could be.
      1)Pilot flame
      first you need to check that the pilot is on(lit)has it a correct size and flame pattern and is playing the thermocouple in the right place there is a hot and a cold spot on a thermocouple and it will not work if the cold spot is heated or the hot spot cold
      2)Thermocouple may not be given right voltage
      3)magnetic valve faulty
      4)contacts could be dirty stoping voltage
      5)interlock like The E.C.O. may have failed or operated
      6)pilot flame may blow out from the main burner lighting or turning off (pilot in wrong place)
      7,8,9……. and so on and on


      For your saftey I don’t recommend that you try to fix it.The above info is just to show you that you should use qualified people, as they know what to check and look for. Plus they have the right tools and equipment to test for all of the above and more.

      Michael the gasman http://www.burngas.com

Viewing 3 reply threads
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