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        I had problems with my furnace (4yrsold), it would not light. If you took the cover off the sealed burner unit, it was fine. The intake amd exhaust (direct vent) are clear. If you blow into one of the rubber tubes that goes to the sensor switch it woll also light(burner sealed). My question is about the technicians solution. He took out a rubber diaphram under the sealed burner unit to allow air intake from inside the house. Is the ok? Or is it just a bandaid solution? I have a furnace insurance program so the repairs are free. Just want to know why he would remove somthing that was originally install at the factory. Also what could be another cause for the problem?

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        Avatar photoArt_xyz

          If you are sure the air intake is clear, your problem is most likely the preasure switch. Please note: just blowing into the preasure switch could damage the diaphram in it.

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          Avatar photoScott Wayland

            Thank-you for your quick resopnse. So am I correct in assuming that the technician should not have removed the gasket(diaphram?)under the burner? This no longer makes it a sealed unit.He did look at the switch and said it was ok. I also forgot to mention that I had no problems until they replaced the direct vent exhaust motor(noisy). He said I have to unseal the combustion chamber because wind is coming in and messing up the pressure switch. Does this make sense?

            thanks again!

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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