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      I have a gas water heater and the pilot light is out. Problem is there is no valve to to turn to off, pilot, or on. there is just a post sticking up that can easily be pushed and turned I tried to light pilot, and turn post but pilot just goes back out.

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      What country do you live? I have worked on water heaters still going strong that were installed in the 1920’s and I must say EVERY SINGLE one either had a indivual shut off valve going to a standing pilot OR the Fuel controller had a means of shuting of the fuel supply.

      I think you had better contact a Master Gas fitter OR master Plumber to show you what is the proper way to service this potencial bomb. Also try to get the manufacturers name and send them a letter requesting an instruction book for SERVICE. Good luck sounds like your going to need it.


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      It sounds like the off/pilot/on plastic knob has been broken off your gas water heater control. You should replace your water heater.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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