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      My furnace and water heater both have gone out a couple of times this week. Usually in the early am. I had the pro out and he told me it was a clogged air filter. This morning I lit the pilot, when I turned on the main burner it fired for about a half a second and went out taking the pilot with it. Question is-do the gas valves in the furnace and water heater shut down if the line pressure is above a pre-determined limit? I am thinking the Regulator at the meter may be at fault.

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      Check your flue piping for proper updraft 1st.

      A pilot light on a water heater is proven lit by the thermocouple.

      Depending on age and type of furnance you have what safe guards they provide for safty

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      As it turns out, the gas meter was freezing up, preventing the flow of gas to the furnace and water heater. When the sun came out the meter started working again. Thanks for the advice.

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      Wow I thought you were talking natural gas not LPG my mistake never assume

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      Sylvan, I have seen quite a few NATURAL GAS METERS freeze up. Usually (but not always) on low preasure lines.

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