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        I had just bought this Reliance 501 Water Heater in 1995 or ’96. Within the past 6-8 months, I have been having to call the Gas guy to come and clean the “Burner” on six occassions. Finally, they have told me to contact Reliance and ask them what to do about the constant sooting up of the burner. They believe it is because of “delayed ignition”. If that is the case, what needs to be done to correct the problem.
        Thank you.

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          Delayed ignition does not soot up a water heater. It soots up from constant burning with a lack of sufficient ventilation or flue draft. If the area does not have good ventilation, there will not be air for combustion. If there is not adequate positive draft in the flue, then the gases will not go to the outside of the structure and can stay in the firebox causing poor combustion. If you have exhaust fans, no firplace, and tight windows, then the flue may be the only place air can get into the house and therefore there is negative gas flow in the flue. These are some possibilities, there are others, but the water heater being defective is not one of them.

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