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      I have a 1986 Williamson furnace. Just recently I noticed after kicking back on I would hear the valve clicking repeatedly.The blower comes on but no heat. Sometimes turning off and back on again,it would fire back up, but now it won’t. Pulled the cover off and could see the pilot come on and then go out, this happens repeatedly.One time the burners ignited but then went out. Don’t know if this is a sensor problem or a problem with the board. It’s an LP gas furnace and the tank is full and has good pressure. Any info would be appreciated.

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      Harold Kestenholz

      The sensor is the first to be suspect. Minor coatings from washing machine chemicals in the air prevent full sensing of the flame. The rapid clicking of the gas valve is often evidence of marginal sensing. Replace the sensor, then check the operation.

      There are other problems like induced draft switches than interfere with ignition also. You will need to isolate the problem step-by-step. This is often tricky for an experienced repairman.

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      Thanks Harold, I had the repairman out here last week but it didn’t fail til after he left. It had been intermittant, but now it won’t fire at all. Trying to get him back out again. Any ideas where I can track down parts for this furnace, he had trouble getting burners for it a couple years ago.

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      Harold Kestenholz

      A 1986 furnace is an antique in the air heat world. The controls have changed significantly since 1986. Manufacturers only have to keep parts for 7 years.

      For further information contact:

      Metzger Machine Corporation

      8155 North Seventy-Sixth Street

      Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53223


      Fax 414-354-2623

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