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        Hello: I need help. had some very high winds for the last 2 days and my furnace is out.

        I lost my husband because of lung disease in July and tried to reach someone for help, but I think everyone else is having the same problem. Will you help me

        Please send instructions on how to relight the pilot. The Model is a Day & Night.

        We are freezing please help.

        Thank you

        Mary Wilson

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        Avatar photoTheLocalPlumber

          Light pilot by following instructions on front panel door of furnace. Important-The gas valve knob must be marked pilot, off and on. If pilot is not marked it may be automatic ignition, and thus does not have a thermocouple but has a pilot assembly. A pilot assembly starts automatically.
          1.) Turn gas valve knob to pilot and push down and hold.
          2)At the same time as holding down gas valve knob light pilot at thermocouple.( located at end of gas tube from valve)
          3)Once lit continue to hold knob down for 1 minute.
          4) Release knob and turn to ON.
          Let me know I am online now.
          Good Luck,
          The Local Plumber
          Tustin, California
          [Edited by TheLocalPlumber on 22 October 2000]

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