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      I’d like to have a natural gas line run to my detached garage/shop to supply a hanging unit heater (modine or reznor, probably 45,000 btu). There is an existing 1/2″ gas line in the basement that once ran to a gas stove (now capped off) that could be connected to. Total length to the heater is 75 to 100 feet, depending on where it is hung. I have some construction experience, but not enough to think I could do this myself. To help me know if whover is doing the work is doing it right, what size and type of piping should be used, and how should it be installed? Here’s the problem – I’ve had 3 licensed plumbers as well as a guy from the gas company’s service department out to look at the job. I now have 4 different answers on how to do this, from 1/2″ to 1″ flex copper, by itself or INSIDE PVC pipe, anywhere from 6″ to 18″ deep. I checked our local code, and copper is allowed here. 18″ seems ok, the answer I got from the building inspector was “deep enough so you don’t hit it!” Starting to get the feeling that some of these guys don’t know much more than me, and that makes me nervous where gas is concerned.

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      Not knowing your specific gravity of the “gas” you are supplied with
      The utility normally tell you what constant to use.
      Not knowing the actual heating value of the gas your using and also not knowing the pressure your getting after the meter I would be very conservative and go with NOTHING less then 3/4″ pipe 18″ below the ground and either mil wrapped or protected with hot applied coal tar enamel and 15 lb felt covering.

      If copper is allowed GET IT IN WRITING and use a clean sand base under this piping and above.

      Amazing when you ask four folks and get four answers .
      If I were in your shoes Id personally read the local code and if possible BY PASS the locals if they dont know the code FIND a licensed plumber who knows code
      interpretation GOOD LUCK

Viewing 1 reply thread
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