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        At our new home we are installing a gas stove to replace the electric one that is there. Because the basement is finished we have to run the gasline to the stove along the exterior of the house. The run is about 70 feet long. The stove has 5 burners rated as listed: 2 each 9100 btu, 2 each 10000, and one 13000btu. The baking portion is electric so that is not an issue.

        We had a couple of plumbers come in for estimates. One would do the run with 1/2″ pipe, the other with 3/4″ pipe. What is your recommendation? I realize that bigger is usually better, but given the numbers can I do 1/2″ without a problem or am I asking for trouble?


        Robert Zitka

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          With gas, it is not so much that bigger is better, but that bigger is a waste of money. However, smaller is also a waste of money since you will have to replace it when the stove does not operate properly, assuming this is a natural gas unit and not an LP tank to secondary regulator line. Go with the 3/4″, it is the minimum that will work properly.

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            Gas goes by volume and developed lenth so the 3/4 is the only way to go ALSO if you ever decide to add another appliance like a gas drier you will have the volume.

            Has you considerd a gas fired water heater?

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