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        I wish to convert from an electric to gas Hot Water Service, we already have a gas line into the property, I am fairly certain I can handle the connection of the water lines but am not sure about the gas connection. I know that I must install a gas shut of valve between the supply line and the heater. Is it just a simple matter of soldering a T junction to the main line and running copper pipe to a shut off valve and then to the heater gas in-let ?. Can I use normal plumbers 50/50 solder for the connections and do I need to do anything else ?. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
        Tony [email protected]

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          Thank God I dont live next door to you Mate

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            What type of pipe do you have for your gas service? If it is copper, then you have to use flare fittings to make the connection. If it is steel then you will use black steel pipe. You never solder gas pipes. But in any case, I would suggest using a licensed plumber since he will do it the safe and legal way. this is not the job for you to be learning how to install gas pipes.

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