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      I just moved into a house with natural gas hot water baseboard heat. I just had the furnace “serviced” by a professional. Is there anything that I can do as a “do-it-yourselfer” to maintain the furnace in the future, besides putting a few drops of oil in the re-circulating pumps once a year?

      Also, there is a brush (cylindrical, at the end of a wire) hanging on the wall next to the furnace. Is there something that I should be cleaning with this brush?


      Mike I.

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      Mike do you have a furnace or a boiler? If your not sure leave the maintenance to professionals

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      Hello – just responding to the reply. The subject in question is
      in fact a boiler (Peerless boiler # MMW-85A-WC-I). Thanks for asking – I assumed it was a “furnace”.

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      Mike assuming anything on a boiler can cost you your life HIRE A PROFESSIONAL licensed and insured Master Plumber

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