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        Identification of the gas content of compressed gas cylinders is established by means of the chemical or trade name of the gas marked on the cylinder.

        This accepted means of identification is used by the industry in general in conformance with the methods established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under its General Acceptance Method. The provisions apply as set forth in the American Standard Method of Marking Compressed Gas 96 Gas Content published by ANSI.
        While cylinders are painted in various colors and combinations of colors, these Colors do not provide identification of gas contents and should not be used for that purpose. Suppliers do not intend that users rely on cylinder color to identity gas content
        There are many reasons why cylinder colors cannot serve as a dependable key to cylinder Contents. For example:

        1. There are hundreds of gases and combinations of gases. To use a separate color or color combination to identity each gas would lead to mistakes.
        2. Compressed gas cylinders receive hard service that may damage discolor or conceal paint.

        3. Many people have defective color vision and cannot distinguish between certain colors.

        4. Colors appear differently under some light sources such as fluorescent and mercury vapor lamps 5 Some suppliers use cylinder colors unlike those used for the same gas by other suppliers.
        For these reasons, it is important that users should identify gas contents by reading the cylinder markings. DO NOT be influenced by cylinder color.

        FORGET the IDIOT Journeymans advice he is going to kill someone.

        He is NOT a (mechanic)welder as he has no basic knowledge of safety.

        I strongly suggest you as an apprentice take up some AWS classes or feel free to E mail me again. Good luck

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          I am not sure what the original question was, but each gas’s tank valve and regulator has a different thread to prevent interchanging them. LPG has a left hand thread that is not the same as any other cylinder. Regardless of the cylinder’s color, it could not be connected to the wrong system, assuming the system has the correct regulator on it.

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            Propane and Acetylene hoses SAME threaded JUST different regulators and tips ( look at Swirl Jet hoses and handles presto-lite Union Carbide)

            The “Left” handed thread is only part of the difference between fuel “gases” and Right handed threads are for supporting gases and shielding gases. If you look at an acetylene hose you would find a grove in the nut THIS is so folks can know the left and right threads even in the dark. Argon,Helium.Nitrogen all contain CGA 034 threads

            Carbon Dioxide comes in the exact same cylinder as Oxygen and several other “gases” The threads for the following are the same Hydrogen, Argon, Helium The original question was IS OXYGEN TANKS ALWAYS GREEN?

            You can tell acetylene tanks buy not only the shape but by the fusible plugs that they have (look at the bottom of a “B” or MC tank B= 40 CU ft MC= 10 CU ft

            You will also notice on the HIGH pressure tanks the SCREW ON CAP as required by the DOT and this is NOT the case with acetylene tanks OR propane Or apache OR Mapp. Yes, HJ we can specialize in JUST tank markings and talk about how acetylene is nothing more than acetone dissolved in a tank filler and at 70 Degrees F these tanks will hold more then 400 times its own volume and how acetylene over 15 PSI becomes unstable BUT THE original Question was color marking THAT’S it.

            We were not asked about the seamless construction of the bottles or the proper UP RIGHT storage with proper ventilation. NOTHING but color was asked OK HJ .?

            Remember oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium and hydrogen are available in liquid form in cryogenic containers THUS NO COLOR CODING on these containers.

            Ah the joys of being “plumber” working in hospitals as an apprentice the things we learn HUH HJ?

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