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      I have a gas line in my house that is no longer used and needs to be removed. The gas is off to that section of the line( there was a shutoff valve for that section) but I can’t just use a wrench to remove it, can I use a sawzall to cut a section of the old line and then use a wrench on the remainder?

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      If this OLD gas piping is cnnected to theexisting OLD gas piping and you use a sawzall improperly and cause excessive vibration POOF goes your home from the leaks you just caused on existing gas lines.

      Here you are saying this is an old line with an old gas shut off that you have no idea if it holding back pressure or not huh?

      Suppose you called several Licensed Master plumbers and asked them their hourly rate and had one of them remove this pipe safely DONT you think it would be peace of mind? How long do you think this job would take ONE HOUR possibly one and a half? Leave it alone call a licensed professional YOUR insurance company will love you. By the way NEVER USE ONE WRENCH in plumbing I fired guys for less than that. Have a great one
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