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        We shut off the main water shut-off valve when we leave the house for a week or so (to avoid flooding house in case of any burst pipes etc.) I’ve been told that that can be a very dangerous thing to do considering we have a gas hot water heater (we turn that down to “vacation” setting when we leave – which keeps the water at a low temp.) I can understand what would happen if the tank began leaking and the thermostat called for the flame to come on, and the tank had no water in it. My question is:
        Would I eliminate this danger by changing the “Off/Pilot/On” dial to the PILOT position. My concerns are: Can you leave it in PILOT position for a long term? I assume that keeps the pilot light lit but doesn’t allow the burners to be lit. Is this correct? And, when we return home, do we just switch it to ON position? Going back and forth between ON and PILOT, does this mean we never have to RE-LIGHT the PILOT? Having described what I am trying to accomplish, and hoping to avoid any potential disaster, I’d appreciate any answers, tips and advice. THANKS very much for any help.
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          Setting your control to PILOT will prevent the main burner from coming on. Set to the PILOT position the pilot will stay lit. This seems like a good idea to me. One caution though, always keep the burner cover in place and your face away when turning to ON position.

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