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        Thanks again for the advise and comments.

        Sylvan, My lincensed plumber said the chimney has to be relined because it appears to have some cracks.

        The guys at the plumbing supply house told me relining would cost about as much (maybe more) as the increase in cost of thru the wall appliances.

        The recommendation was to reline the chimney and use the simpler heaters with less control systems for a more trouble free installation.

        I will be using a lincensed chimney installer for the lining, but I would like to know my options so I can discuss the work intelligently.

        Art: You mentioned 6″ corrugated metal pipe. The talk is about using stainless steel but if aluminum is less expensive would this be acceptable?

        Do you have any opinion about putting filler between the pipe and chimney? I have no idea how much more this will cost, but if I don’t need it, I don’t want it.

        Thanks again to all.

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Hi Lou this is getting complicated HUH LOL… Your LMP said “it appears to have some cracks” Why not get a plumber with a video inspection camera to double check the integrity INSIDE the chimney?

          A decent chimney guy can repair defects in chimneys. Have you thought about a high efficiency boiler/furnace where you can actually vent through a wall with certain plastic or other piping materials and forget the chimney all together ? Having fun yet? OPTIONS and more options are the way to go…

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            Why would you invest $300 or more in a video inspection when that would pay a substantial portion of the liner. Corrugated piping does not have the same capacity as smooth pipe of the same diameter. As long as the top of the chimney is sealed so rain and debris cannot fall into the space around the liner, no filler is needed.

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