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      I’m thinking of replacing my electric stove with a natural gas one but I have no exhaust vent. Do gas stoves have to be vented to the outside of the house if I want to live?

      Thanks for your time.

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      No, they do not need an outside vent BUT you should have a window in the same room. All gas fired appliances use oxygen for combustion.

      If you do not have enough “free air” someone may turn blue.

      The inside hoods over the stove is just used to help keep the cooking smoke/fumes down to a minimum. Make sure you follow manufacturers directions as to how far this stove should be placed off combustible walls floors etc. Good luck.


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      Windows do not let in fresh air unless they are open, but your house has sufficient air inlets, (exhaust fan ducts, range hood duct, infiltration around doors and windows, fireplaces, etc,) that combustion will not create a problem. And ranges are designed to install on wood floors and next to wood cabinets. The only critical dimension is the cabinet above the range and that is either high enough otherwise you could not use it, or you have a range hood which satisfies the non-combustible requirement.

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      Thank you both for your reply. You’ve answered my question, however the first reply left me feeling worried because there is a painted drywall wall immediately next to the stove. I thought that that might be too close, but the second reply addressed that. There’s plenty of room above where the stove will go.

      Thanks again


Viewing 3 reply threads
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