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      What is the best product for natural gas lines inside my house? I think I once read about a new product that was flexable and very safe inside walls. Any ideas?

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      Before you ask for the “Best product” You should ask yourself WHAT DOES YOUR LOCAL CODE SAY IS APPROVED? Personally I only use black steel schedule 40 pipe with either blue block or Recto seal # 5 on the male threads. I also don’t care for flexible tubing/piping inside a wall ESPECIALLY gas lines. Why don’t you wait about 30 years before you try this product and see if it has the proven longevity as black steel? Look at all those fools who wanted to be the VERY FIRST to try plastic under ground (Radiant)heating and poof several years later all these great law suits started for piping failures. Let the “heroes” try the new products like.

      I never buy a new model year car I wait for the call backs to be over. Call me silly not wanting to install piping behind a wall that may have to be replaced in a few months/years. Good luck


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      That product is only supposed to be sold to cerified installers. because of the corrugations, it usually has to be installed as a 2 pound pressure system with regulators at every appliance. These regulators are often buried in the structure in order to make the system cost effective. If they fail or start venting gas, as regulators are prone to do, you may have a difficult time accessing them. In addition, one contractor in my area who was gung ho on the material brought a whole system back to the supply house and dropped it on their counter saying it was a bunch of garbage. In another system, the bend going down to the dryer was too sharp and the line whistled like a flute whenever the dryer was operating. So my opinion is to stay with steel pipe. It is more work and more expensive initially, but you will not have problems with it after a few years.

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