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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        My 120,000BTU gas furnace has died. To replace with similar very expensive. I was told i can replace with a 10 gallon gas hot water heat for 1/10th the cost. Why do they even make furnaces? Hot water heaters seem sufficient. What is the difference in using a hot water heater to heat my home instead of the gas furnace?

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          The difference between H/W and scorched air is evident if you Think about this.

          ANY good conductor of electricity is normally a good conductor of heat.

          Ever light a match and hold your hand above it LOTS of HEAT HUH? But as soon as the flame goes out POOF NO HEAT.

          Now picture a pot of water boiling on a stove shut the gas/ electric as soon as the water starts boiling
          GUESS what the water still holds the heat for a long, long time (depending on ambient temperature)

          Scorched (forced air) air is the VERY worst system to use then comes electric element heating, BUT it is CHEAP to install and home builders love it..THEN steam and Hydronics is the most comfortable.

          Before you havea contractor work on your system
          Make sure your heating contractor is indeed licensed and insured.

          Good Luck


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          Avatar photohj

            that 10 gallon gas water heater had better have a 120,000 btu input or it is going to run forever and you are going to freeze your butt off while it is doing it. If you are referring to a hot water boiler, then it, and the necessary piping, is going to cost more than that furnace. They make furnaces because hot air systems are cheaper to install than hot water, and a hot air system can be air conditioned easier, and cheaper, than a chilled water system

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            Avatar photoSylvanLMP

              Bottom line SCORCHED AIR IS CHEAP Garbage HUH ? lol


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              Avatar photojack spotz

                depends on if you live in a climate that needs a/c or not i suppose. theres a difference between cheap and inexpensive. a chevy/ford/dodge is surely “cheap garbage” compared to a porche. what do you drive to work sylvan buddy? i’d guess 1/2 ton chevy two wheel drive with a.m. radio. no cruise, no a/c. my right? seems john wants to be able to turn up his thermostat without going to the bank, not build a new home. have a good day, if you can, grumpy

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