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        I have been having problems with the pilot light on my gas boiler this winter. I have woken up in the morning numerous times to find that there is no heat and the pilot is out. We have had the thermocoupler and the gas valve replaced but the problem persists. What else could be the problem? The pilot on the water heater stays lit, and there doesn’t appear to be a flicker in the pilot light flame which would indicate low pressure. Any ideas?

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          ck. to be sure tip of thermocouple is in flame. ck. milivolt output under load (less than 10 milivolt may cause a problem). ck. spill switches,roll-out switches etc.

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            The problem with hot water heaters are the lack of safety’s. The only real safety is the T&P valve the other is an operating controller..

            The boiler on the other hand according to the ASME section IV and the Nattional Board of boiler inspectors must have both operating and safety controllers

            The problem could be a partically blocked flue pipe (chiminey) that the water heater would never pick up BUT the spill switch on the boiler would shut down on safety.

            You should have this checked out by a licensed master plumber/ gas fitter to make sure your not getting CO coming back into your home. Incomplete combustion is a very dangerious condition that could quite easily lead to death.

            If you go to the top of this page to “plumbviews” and go to Authors you will find several articles I have written about this very problem GOOD LUCK. SylvanLMP

            [Edited by SylvanLMP on 23 March 2000]

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