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      I have in my home an Utica furance model 225AGB (serial number K 12709), using natural gas. My problem is that the thermocouple that serves the pilot light has failed 1-2 times a year for about the past 5 years. Before this, I had had no trouble for 10 years. The only change in use is the addition that I added to my house about 5 years ago. The gas company who replace the item tell me it is just becasue this is a “hot” furnace, and I have to live with it. I wonder though whether the original thermocouple had different specs than the replacement ones the gas company intalls, and if so how can I get one? Anyb thoughts?

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      There are “husky” thermocouples, but the pipot burner has to have a bracket that will accept them If the unit is 15 years old, it could have such a burner. You can usually tell, because the regular thermocouples have to have a sleeve adapter to make them fit.

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      Unfortunately the GAS company is in business to sell GAS. Why not contact the boiler manufacturer and ask about a kit to convert this to an electronic ignition SCREW the expensive standing pilot light. Hey its worth a shot


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