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      I get a gurgling noise and the water in the toilet bowl moves whenever I use the washing machine. It does not happen at any other time. Any ideas on what could cause this?DUNBAR2007-07-04 09:25:42

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      It’s caused by a partially clogged drain line that needs to be mechanically cleaned by means of a drain cleaning machine.

      Liquid drain cleaners do one thing effectively; take your money and leave the problem. DUNBAR2007-06-26 01:17:25

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      What this gurgling generally means is that the toilet is unvented or insufficiently vented (or the vent may be completely or partially obstructed).

      Drain line obstruction will exacerbate this gurgling, but truly adequate venting would prevent the gurgling, unless the drain was so obstructed that waste water actually backed up to the closet bend.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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