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      We have a lake home, with a 250 ft. well, a water softener and a brand new septic system.
      Our water is very rust colored.
      Can you tell me what is the cause, and what is the solution?
      Thank you!

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      with softeners the ion beads inside get recharged with the brine that is created from the salt you use. You may have to set your softener to cycle more often. If that doesn’t help consider replacing your softener as they gennerally last about 25 years. Some models are better than others.Some newer models require lower amounts of salt. Our iron level is 2.5. Which is not very bad. Check to find out what your level is. If you have a high level of iron you may want to consider using green sand. Check out the filter systems by Water Boss. We bought one last year and have been very happy with it. Good Luck !

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