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      hi when installing hot water copper pipework in floor joists, what should be done to prevent the possibility of potential noise proplems? is ti A notch the joists to a 1/4 depth, and sleeve the pipe in plastic. B make allowance for expansion and contraction of the pipework. C clip the pipework as it passes over each joist using plastic clips. D lay the pipework to falls to avoid air-locks and pipe vibration.   [IMG]http://www.masterplumbers.com/wwwboard/images/smile.gif”> DUNBAR2007-08-24 10:01:05

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      Fasten the pipe to the joist with plactic hangers.

      Art retired plbg

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      The quick answer is to do everything possible to assure that the pipes are firmly attached to the framing members of the house. With hot water lines there is the additional issue of thermal pipe expansion and contraction. Where such pipes go through structural members you can minimize rubbing noises by leaving a small space between the pipe and the hole it passes through and/or placing a buffer material, like foam or rubber between the pipe and the structural member. Also, water hammer arrestors may be needed in some cases.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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