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      My 10 year old water heater is leaking around the drain spout. Not from the spout, but water is sitting in the bottom of the tank and it’s leaking out. The first repair man came out and said new tank, so then when they came the next day to do that – they just put new flex hose in at the top and said – it was leaking into the housing and making the mess. Problem — water is still coming out. I asked the repair company, they said wait a day or two. Is this right? If the insulation is all wet should we put a fan on it? Any ideas?Thanks– AngieDUNBAR2007-08-24 09:49:06

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      It is probably rusted out where drain goes in tank. you might as well figuring on buying a new tank, finding a leak in tank is hard to do unless you take off all insulation. Time you pay labor you have a new tank.

      Art retired plbg

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