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      I have a older house that has galvanized tubing (I believe it’s galvanized). I am currently replacing the toilet but my problem is that the shut-off valve will not close all the way. Since I am repacing the toilet, I’d like to replace the shut-off valve since it’s not working properly.

      The galvanized tubing fits into the valve body and it looks like it might be welded together. Has this been done in the past with galvanized and toilet shut-off valves. I thought galvanized was normally threaded.

      If it is welded in some way, is there an easy way to replace it or does it need to be cut off and replaced?

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      Retired plbg1

      Its not welded, probably just pipe dope that looks like that. Take a wrench to hold back and use another to take valve off. Take knief and scrape what you think is a weld. Turn off water first.

      Art retired plbg

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