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        Recently, I had to change my stem and seat for the hot water in my shower. I had to shut off the main water valve (which I really didn’t have to) and hot water valve on my heater. After that incident, my water pressure had dropped whenever two or more faucets are open (hot or cold). I bought a water pressure gauge and found to have 95 lbs of pressure if no faucet is open but it drops to 60 lbs when another faucet is open. Any ideas what I need to check? Aloha from Maui, isao.

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          What you have with WH is a closed system. When HW is heated it expands a n back up into CW, When you open faucet the Press. drops to what you have set on PRV. To change this you have to install a expansion tank on CW line by WH. Have Plumber check it out. Let me know.

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            Could be just a simple thing like one of the valve you shut then opened up again after doing the work has in fact failed to open fully and is restricting the flow or water through it.
            Pressure and flow are proportional.

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              There may be problem in faucet.First of all you should cheak out.On the end of the faucet there is a removable attachment that keeps the water from splashing in the sink and filters the water. That’s the aerator. Turn it clockwise (as you’re looking down on it) to unscrew it. The filter is probably clogged with particles. Carefully tap the aerator on the sink and wash out the particles. Be careful not to lose the parts Then, screw it back on. Let me know if that helped?

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