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      Geoff Le Couteur

      I’m the inventor of a new product called Hy-dit. I’ve been working on it since Feb. 2001, and recently received a US patent. Before I tell you what it is, I would like you to think about bathrooms. What is the most distasteful thing we have in them, and remember they’re everywhere? Our society has come to accept this disgusting item on the floor next to toilets everywhere. Have you thought of it yet? Once I tell you what it is you too will see them, and for that I apologize. You’ve seen them at your friends homes, at your office, at restaurants, and hotels and the sad thing is they are needed now more then ever before. It’s the toilet plunger. Never before has there been a sanitary storage cabinet that recesses flush into any wall. The Hy-dit holds the toilet plunger and the toilet brush in its own sanitary cabinet in the wall next to the toilet where it’s needed. This may sound like a simple invention, but it’s a fact that for the last 100 years since the modern toilet was introduced, there has never been a place for this trusty sidekick known as the plunger. We’ve all had embarrassing moments, and if the Hy-dit were available our private moment would have remained private. I feel it is my obligation to work as hard as I can to rid our bathrooms of this filthy but necessary bath accessory and put it where it belongs forever. Maybe along the way I can save people the embarrassment of involving other people in a situation that can be resolved by the individual themselves.

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      Retired plbg1

      Good luck as long as it does not cost over $1.98.

      Art retired plbg

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      In reply to message posted by Retired plbg:
      Good luck as long as it does not cost over $1.98.


      I’d say at $70 a whack, that’s a little steep for the average public but neat idea.

      The only drawback is the reason why MOST people put the toilet brush close to the toilet?

      Because the toilet brush/plunger can go in a self-sealing bottom holder or “cup” like design to catch the drippings from its use.

      Walking across the room with your plunger or brush will leave staining and pose some health hazards for your little kids feet or the dog/cat.

      If the plumbing wall that serves the toilet wasn’t so busy with mechanicals, that idea would work well.

      I’ll leave this spam posting up because the OP used the function buttons correctly. I’m usually not that nice.


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