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        I have a two year old water softner and I’ve never been able to figure it out. In some homes with water softners the water for lack of a better term always feels “silky”. Not in mind. Is this a question of how much salt is used? How often regeneration is set to occur? Right now it regenerates every two days. It’s set to use according to the dial about 10 to 12lbs of salt each time. I can see brine in the tank. And I do have to replace the salt so that seems to be working. Can anyone help me figure this out. Thanks

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          You may want to get yourself a hardness test. You should be able to find one at a hardware store. Check the hardness of your tap water then check your water softener. Yes you should feel sliperey in the shower. Check the sizing of your softener against the grains of hardness in your tap water. Empty your brine tank of salt and check you water level. It should be at least 2 inches above the grate in the bottom of your brine tank. Check to see if you are drawing brine in your slow rinse cycle. You will need to cycle the control head through each cycle and check operation. If all checks out then it is posible that your resin maty be dirty. What is the chlorine contant of your water? Have you had a water analysis? If you are not inclined to do this yourself you should have a profesional look at it.

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