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      Avatar photogary dunmon

        The vent on the top left side of the dishwasher door lets out a soap smell. While the dishwasher is on the whole kitchen smells like soap. It gives us all a headache.
        We have to open a window to let the air out. In the winter it’s horrible because the house gets very cold. Can this vent be plugged up without hurting the dishwasher?

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          That looks like the vent that lets the heat out when it drys. It might be soap that gets on drying element, are you using to much soap, try cutting down on the soap if you are using powder try liquid, are if you usin liquid use powder and see what happens, let me know.

          Art retired plbg

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          Avatar photoSmellywasher1

            I’ll try it and get back to you.

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            Avatar photoSelgas

              I have come across this problem once before down here and it turned out to be that the customer was puting the washing powder in the bottom tray of the dishwasher instead of the despensing container in the door. The smell was bad as the element heated to heat up the water and got worse when the machine was in the drying stage.
              The problem stopped dead just as soon as the customer began to put the washing powder into the proper despenser in the door container.
              A simple mistake with a simple remedy.

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