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      Recently I put a new ceramic floor in my bathroom. Unfortunately, due to the thickness of the backer board and tile, the flange that normally interfaces with the wax ring is below the surface of the floor by about 3/4″. I already tried to use an extra-think wax ring, but I still can get a good seal. Any ideas on how to solve this problem ? Thanks !

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      you could try using the wax ring with the plastic “funnel” and adding an extra plain wax ring…that should meke a good seal for a flange up to 3/4″ below the floor.


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      They make flanges that you get at box store that will bring flanges up to right hight. But hole in floor will still be big, try to get some thing like cement are filler to fill in around flange so wax ring can have level spot to sit on, let me know. you can also get flanges at Plumber supplyhouse are on the net.

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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