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      I have a summer/winter hook up for hot water. The hot water in my kitchen gets very, very hot. The hot water in my shower and bathroom faucet does not get very hot. I have found that if the furnace is running there is a better chance of getting enough hot water to shower, but is not gauranteed. When water does get hot enough in shower, it still fluctuates from being hot to warm then back to hot again; I have to keep adjusting the faucet. Is there a way to correct this? What could be causing the problem?
      More info: it is an oil furnace, not very old (about 10 yrs). the furnace is located in basement at front of house. Bathroom is on second floor close to the front of the house. Kitchen is on first floor at back of house. So the distance between furnace to bath and furnace to kitchen is almost the same.
      Any advice would be much appreciated.

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      Retired plbg1

      You might have a Plumber come over and look at this, also you might need a return line witha small pump. They make pumps that go right under fixture, look them up on net.

      Art retired plbg

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