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        We had a hot water tank installed a couple of years ago. It was placed onto a concrete paver – and now the thing is leaning over ad I am worried it will completely fall and rip the wall off! So now we need to empty the tank, place it onto something more solid and refill it. Is there anything I need to know before I attempt this or do I need a qualified plumber?

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          You should level up the tank and if there is a wall there take a band and fasten it t wall. Put some metal washers under the heater and that will keep it level.

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            you are right about the water heater . you need to call a plumber that is certified license by the state . if the water heater has gas to it or eletric you might be getting into something you wish you didnt .also if it was to fall over it could be very hazardous and do a lot of damage. might be cheaper to call for three estimate.make sure the plumber is license.

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