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        I have an Adia faucet that needs a washer replaced due to constant dripping. I have tried to remove the plug button with a knife but am getting nowhere except scratching the fixture despite some tape on the top. I would appreciate any advice on how to get the the plug button out. Perhaps I am wrong in thinking what looks like the button has to come out??? It’s a small round piece with “Adia” on it, very smooth and not even raised above the surface. It’s made by a German company, Dornbracher. I have attached their web link if it’s of help.

        Then at the left, follow these links:

        Technical Information
        Historical Series

        The first Adia picture shows the faucet handle well, however, my actual fixture is the 2nd picture with that same handle.

        Also, I am thinking correctly that this will take a standard “off the shelf” washer versus some special “Adia” washer? I can’t find a store around me that carries the brand to ask the question.

        Thanks very much for your help.


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          There is no button on the Adia faucet, that’s just a logo. To remove the handle – turn the water supply off, then just turn the handle as if you were turning on the water and continue spinning until it comes off. To fix a leak, you need to replace the cartridge. The cartridge is manufacutered by Dornbracht. There is a seperate one each for hot and cold. Make sure you order the correct one.

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