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      I am wondering if someone could give me a precise definition on how to braze two copper pipes together, e.g. connecting old piping with new piping.

      Many thanks in advance.

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      clean both ends of pipe where you want to braze them together, drift/expand out one pipe end only to make a socket to fit the other pipe into, apply heat with gas flame and just before it gets dull red run a silfoss rod around the joint and it will flow like capillary action into the socket, remove flame and allow to cool down without disturbing the joint otherwise it will crack the weld. When cold joint should be sealed. Wella Easy huh?

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      Why do you want to BRAZE the pipe? Brazing requires high temperature (>840F). This is needed in some applications (refrigeration, high pressure, etc.), but for run of the mill water supply lines, soldering works fine and is easier.

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      Retired plbg1

      If you are connecting on to copper in a house use a coupling, clean it first, clean pipe and paste with soldering paste and us lead free solder and a propane torch. Easy as rolling off a log.

      Art retired plbg

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      when soldering two copper lines together the best way i can explain to my help is when you sand the copper it needs to look like a shiny penny. then put the solder past in the cuppling and around both coppers. when soldering the tip of the blue flame is the hottest so when soldering keep your flame close to the copper as you heat the copper go left to right every few seconds touch the solder to the edge of the coupling when heat is just right the solder will melt to the touch . slowly back the torch away . when you see a drip of solder the couppling is full . also if you over heat it will spit out the solder. another thing to know is where ever you put the heat the solder will go to .if your lines are expose you can by pass all this by useing jcupplig from any plumbing hardware . this is a fitting with to nuts and washer comes in brass or p.v.c

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