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      I have a geyser at the first floor of the house. And my bathroom is at the same floor as well. The problem is that if one of the valve for hot water is turned on in the bathroom at ground floor, I do not get hot water at my bathroom. In the meanwhile I have given my utmost effort to get the pressure in the shower for hot water in my bathroom but failed. Please help

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      Sounds like you are not getting enough water to heater, check starting at main supply and check your valves make sure they are open and have no obstruction in them, also check and see if they do not have bad washers in them, let me know. Its hard to help when you are not there.

      Art retired plbg

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      Thnx for the reply…

      On the ground floor we have another bathroom and in there we get plenty of hot water. But only this is the case with the bathroom and one at the ground floor. Please note that the bathroom on first floor is exactly above the bathroom on the groundfloor that does not get the enough pressure. Probably this means that both have the same supply pipe.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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