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        I have a moderate chronic Hydrogen sulfide gas smell, predominately from the hot water. A number of sites say that replacing the Magnesium corrosion rod with an aluminum one will “greatly” alleviate the problem. What’s anybody’s experience with this? And, any chance I can get the original MG rod out without breaking the tank or my back ?

        Rod Brick

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        Avatar photoSelgas

          The Anode rod fitted in your water heater is usually a standard one provided by the manufacturer at the time. In reality areas of different degrees of water hardness are all over the place so they tend to take the simpliest option and that is to fit anodes to water heaters for hard water areas.
          To answer your question as to changing the anode for a different type you will first have to have your water tested for hardness levels then contact your water heater manufacturer and request from them the most suitable anode for your water conditions. The purpose of the anode in the tank is to “attract the corrosion” toward it whereby it beings to disolve or sacrifice itself to save the steel tank. Over time the anode will corrode away and become ineffective as a protection device which will then allow any corrosion within the tank to attack the tank itself with the end result being a leak!!
          Manufacturers state under their warranties that anodes should be replaced at intervals not exceeding 5 years – nobody I know ever does this and maybe just maybe that is why these steel tanks only last 10 years or so.
          In any case you now know the reasoning behind the anode and it’s composition material.

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          Avatar photoPLUMBILL

            I have never replaced my anode rod but I do drain a bucket of water out of the drain valve about every other month and have flushed the entire water heater out a few years ago.

            My house was built in 1970 and the mfg. date on the water heater is 1969, that makes it an easy 36 years old.

            It’s a natural gas 30 gallon tall boy Day/Night heater and it only cost me about $7.00 U.S. dollars a month to operate for the wife & I.

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