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      My Ruudglass electric 40 gal hot water heater is slowly dying. It only has hot water sometimes (if I run a lot of hot water out of the tank and then allow time for re-heating). But a lot of times, it is only warm water and very little. I have to take quick showers. What is my problem? Is an element bad? If so, which one and how easy is it to replace? Do I replace both of them as this water heater is probably around 9 years old. New water heaters do not seem to hold up to their warranties; because of that reason, I hate to get a brand new one, which is probably what I should do. Do I need an anode or two?

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      You have to check the el. on the el. to see if they are good, also you might have lime deposits built up in bottom of the heater, turn off water and el. drain down and take out bottom el. and see if it has lime build up in bottom if so you need a wet vac to suck it out, I take and tape a short piece of water hose on my vac and take a stick and loosenit up and suck away, let me know.

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      Sounds to me like you have one of your elements blown and given that you only have a small amount of hot water available I suspect that it is the bottom one. Shut off the power supply and do an electrical test through the bottom element to see if it has blown, then while you are at it do the same for the top one as well.

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