Water drains around shower handle for few minutes after shower

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        Our shower is 30 yrs. old – I think American Standard. One knob pull out and turn for hot/cold. Have replaced the seals, but water continues to leak around the handle during shower and for a few minutes afterwards. Would appreciate any advice as we are wasting water. Thanks.

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          Without seeing it does it have a nut under the handle which should come loose and put some string packing around the stem, that should stop it, let me know.

          Art retired plbg

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          Avatar photosnoopy9539

            This is a push/pull shower valve that has a stem with the handle attached. Weird, but the stem has a hole down through the middle of it (the length of the stem). The stem has an eccentric cam on one end and a handle on the outside end. When the handle is turned for the hot water, the cam opens the hot water valve and when turned the other way opens the cold water valve. The problem is water comes through the stem and leaks out through the hole where the screw attaches the handle to the stem. I have already put new packing around the stem, but the water continues to leak through the center of the stem. I have never seen a stem with a hole in the center of it until this one started leaking after 30 years.

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