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      I had a plumber in to install a toilet & work sink in my basement. While there, he checked my water pressure & told me it was too high & reduced it to 80 psi. However, since then, I can not get any decent pressure in my 2nd floor bathtub/shower. It now takes almost 25 minutes to fill my bathtub because the amount of water coming out of the faucet is very slow & very little at a time. The basement & first floor seem OK, but the 2nd floor obviously has less pressure. Can this be fixed? Is there some kind of valve or control that can regulate the pressure on the 2nd floor so that it is equal to pressure on the lower floors?????? I already asked the plumber I had, & he said he increased the pressure “a bit” for the whole house but there was nothing else that could be done. Is this true? It doesn’t seem logical that there’s not some kind of measure which can be taken to equalize water pressure throughout. HELP!!!??? pat@imonkey.com

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      It is possible something in the piping could be restricting the flow. Some times when you turn off the water, when it is turn back on sediment or debris moves and gets stuck in a valve or fitting. 80 psi is alot of pressure. You loose roughly 4 psi per story so you still probaly have over 70psi on the second floor. This is probably a volume problem rather than a pressure problem. I need to know more to help you.
      You said your tub/shower faucet has less pressure. What is the pressure like in the other fixtures in the same bathroom?

      What brand tub/shower faucet? How old?

      Are there separate valves for the second floor?

      Are they gate valves, ball valves or stops?

      What type and size piping?

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      As Paidpiper said, you have a flow and not a pressure problem. Something IS restricting the FLOW (not pressure) to your 2nd floor fixtures. If 2nd floor flow was OK before the work, the likely culprit is debris dislodged into the upper story fixture valves/faucets. Try cleaning them out.

      If that doesn’t help, and if you have galvanized pipe, your lines are probably clogged with scale. You fix that by replacing the supply lines with copper pipe.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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