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      Avoid this unit at all costs. THere is some kind of a design flaw causing it to not deliver hot water for more than 3 or 4 minute during warmer months. (worked fine from March until May) with NO changes in config or anything else) I spent better part of 2 days working with their (lousy) tech support with no fix. I decided to swap in a brand new unit and, if it worked, I’d just put the old one in the box and return it. THe new unit had the EXACT SAME PROBLEM right out of the box. All specs are perfectly within range – this unit is just a defective design. It has only been out since January, and Home Depot and other vendors confirmed MANY returns to me.

      This tankless should be off the market – I strongly advise against buying it.

      Mike Voss

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      Interesting – thank you for your input we have many of them here but have never had that problem with any of them.

      Selgas Services Ltd
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