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      I have now had failure in two PEX brass crimp connections this year. It wasn’t the PEX, as such, our well water supposedly ate pinholes in both fittings, with the resultant ceiling, wall and floor water damage and expenses. The house was built approx. 8 years ago. At this rate, I figure I face a lifetime of “rebuilding” all my interior spaces as the connections go one-by-one.
      Anyone have any info as to Consumer issues, “fixes” and/or litigation on this issue. My plumber says “this is WHY we don’t put PEX in houses with wells”. So…it seems “somebody” ought to have known.

      For clarification, I am holding the piece from the Dec disaster. a BRASS crimped fitting with the markings “QPEX” and “NSF-pw” on it, connecting the two cut pieces of PEX…on one side of the connector the pipe is marked…”E-PEX -B1…” but its cut there…the other side of the connector is marked “-4P –QES…” then its cut.

      Thank you for any guidance/help.

      Lee Isdell

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      Are the fittings leaking or the joint itself? Maybe you could treat the water. Need more info.

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