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        I was installing crown molding over the weekend and the next day I noticed the ceiling was discolored. My home is new construction. I called the builder and they came out and discovered a leak in the supply line. They say it is my fault but will fix it a nail punctured the water line, This is a clear plastic supply line for a secondary bathroom. I looked up in where the leak was and the supply line was laying on the dry wall of the ceiling not attatched to a stud they claim we used to long of nails, 2 inch however the way the supply line was sitting it would not have mattered the size of the nail

        Is there a code in California that would prohibit this type of install It does not make sence that a H2O line would be laying on the ceiling drywall. Sorry for rambling Hope someone can help

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          According to all codes water lines should be hung are supported in such a manner that it will not sag are viabrate and make any noise, you should call Plumbing inspecter and ask him why he passed this pipe like that with no support of any kind. Thats what happens when they use cheap material like PVC water lines, it is a runation of Plumbing work.

          Art retired plbg

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            Most plumbing codes require nailing plates to protect todays piping, its not your fault it’s the builders for not having a the plumbing installed right.

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