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        we moved into a brand new home about a year and a half ago and just last week the hot water heater started acting up. the water was way too hot one sunday morning and that sunday evening, the water heater shut itself off. we pushed the red reset button on the top heating element. it heated up too high again on tuesday morning and we called a plumber who changed both the top and bottom heating elements that night. today (friday) it just “shut off” without over heating and we had to reset it again. the hot water heater is made by state and isn’t even 2 years old yet… what’s wrong?

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        Avatar photoSelgas

          Sounds very much to me like your thermostat/s is /are faulty and should be checked out by an electrician – they are the devices that control the flow of electric current to the elements – the elements are just the means of providing the heat once they have been told by the thermostat to heat up or shut down. If you are having to press the overheat switch to get the water heater going again then it is almost certain that your thermostat/s are at fault by allowing the water to be overheated and triggering off the overheat device.

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            We did replace the top and bottom thermostats already – I thought the heating elements were the same thing – sorry! Does this mean I should change the heating elements now too?

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