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      Does anyone know where I can find toilet tank lids. I’ve only found and they don’t have what I need. I have a bone 1974 American Standard toilet. It’s labeled “16” behind the seat, and 4072 T84 inside the tank. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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      jack spotz

      mary jo, the only place i can guess is have your plumber check a company called tapco. they buy (and mark up plenty) am. std. parts of out of production pieces and warehouse them. this wont be a huge m woods part. happy hunting. jack

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      Hi! I happened to sell my old toilet to a salvage yard a couple of years ago. The three salvage yards that I had gone to each had rows and rows of used toilets for sale for the very reason you’re looking for one! Call around to some local yards, I bet you’ll find what you need! Sue

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      Gary Tjader
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