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        My cousin recently purchased a house in Illinois. she became sick with headaches, and symptoms she thought was her asthma, upper respiratory problems. She also felt light-headed at times. She found that the washer and shower drain pipes were rigged with garden hose and no traps for the gas return. What are the Illinois home buyers laws, who is responsible to repair the problem since she has an inspection from the plumber that all is okay; but more importantly what are the long term effects of sewage gas exposure? She bought the house less than a month ago.

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          This past July one of my accounts bought another home and sold their other one. This couple had an “engineer” go through this home and in less than 45 minutes said “the house is beautiful” without anything noted as a possible problem. In August I was called in to do another inspection. I am glad to say the Engineers (professional insurance) has agreed to settle out of court for over $350,000 for things this gentleman over looked.(VERY obvious mistakes)

          If your plumber was just a journeyman and not a Master good luck as the law says. unfortunately you cannot sue someone for being stupid BUT as a Master Plumber they are supposed to know better and that’s criminal negligence.

          The long/short term exposure to sewer gases is DEATH like sniffing methane is not a good thing to do.
          depending on the other “gases” present how bad it can actually be.

          check out Methane and hydrogen sulifide See us plumbers must know these little tid bits as its on the test and you thought we just carry a plunger huh?

          I would contact the plumber 1st and ask him WHAT he thinks should be done to correct this problem THEN decide if you want to go AFTER the previous owner. A lot of times we “experts” come in after the walls and floor are closed so it is very hard to know for sure what the other person did or did not do according to codes.

          Contact your bank (Morgage company)

          Your insurance company the local building departmentand TRY to find out WHO did this work.

          THEN call a lawyer if restitution’s are not made

          Good luck… Get a hold of an occuptional doctor and get AIR samples asap

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